The Eco Massage

By visiting Waking Life you are taking part in an experimental adventure. Throughout the years we hope to learn exactly what impact our festival will have on its immediate surroundings and the global environment. Of course we’re not starting from scratch, we’re doing it building upon ideas and achievements of other like-minded projects and festivals.

We believe in freedom, but we also believe each one of us has responsibilities towards each other and our environment, as we all share the same small planet. Our point of view is that in order to act sustainably we need to embrace that philosophy in all our behavior.

With this eco massage we want to share some thoughts you can use to support our ‘green awareness’, which will help us taking care of our beautiful place in Crato. Only with your help we can reduce the ecological impact of Waking Life.

Okay, so you’re about to hit the road

  • Remember that everything you take to Waking Life has to get back home somehow. So think about what you take (do you really need that second umbrella?). Anything you leave behind is something another person has to clean up, let’s all do our own little part;
  • It helps if you reduce plastic packaging and – bottles, radioactive soaps, nuclear resistant sunscreen, the old generator of your great grandfather, …  In short: shop biodegradable, package free or reusable, consume with consciousness please;
  • A refillable drinking bottle will come in handy as we provide free water on site;
  • Organize your transport efficiently by car sharing, hitchhiking or shuttle buses. If you’re looking for some adventure, you can even come by bike. We’ll make sure that good ol’ two-wheeler of yours receives a warm welcome.

Woohoo, you made it!

  • By now you must have noticed the serenity of the Alentejo landscape. We’d like to see everyone moving around with appreciation for its environment;
  • A great help is to avoid sunscreen or any other products in the lake;
  • Very logic but somehow often forgotten, the floor is no place for trash. Recycle. Leave no trace but positive;
  • Water is a valuable resource, use it wisely. Use drinking water to drink, take short showers, refresh in the lake;
  • Upon arrival we hand out a garbage bag and ashtray. Thanks for using them!

When the music’s over

  • Before you go, help us out, hand in a full garbage bag and collect your refund;
  • If you have food, a tent or other useful materials you won’t be taking home again; don’t throw them away but take them to the collection point. They can come in handy for other people.

Snap back to reality

  • Repeat at home : )

Lastly, we’d like to give you a brief insight on the measures and changes in the second year of Waking Life:

  1. We installed several water points spread over the terrain where you can hydrate and wash your hands;
  2. The backstage and production area runs 100% on solar power at night. We chose this location as a starting point as it’s the space that’s operational from day one of the build-up, until the day we leave the terrain. On the infographic below you can see how that system works;
  3. For reasons of public health we will not work with eco-toilets again. We want to start up this system again next year and gradually make the change while finding the most optimal setup.
  4. All the constructions materials of last year are being re-used;
  5. The bars work with eco cups to reduce plastic waste and waste on site, beer and sodas will be served in recyclable cans;
  6. Upon arrival, our eco-team will welcome you with a portable ashtray and a garbage bag. Use the ashtrays to prevent a fire and to keep the site clean from cigarette butts;
  7. We work together with as much local (food) suppliers as possible;
  8. All organic waste of the food shops will be collected to produce compost;
  9. We are monitoring our measures, main consumption of water, electricity, transportation, fuel use and garbage production so that we can improve in the next years.

With your help, we keep on thinking of more ways to reduce impact and even improve the landscape where possible. We’re happy to receive any constructive ideas and suggestions on