A taste of Apuro

Apuro – the act of sharpening one’s reflections and self communicationThe expression of mind, body and spirit as a proclamation of our freedom from conditioning and rigid thinking.


A set of talks over different themes to reflect on central aspects of our collective and individual human experience. The subjects of discussion will follow the fields of:


How is education conceptually perceived? Here we will analyse the pedagogical aspects of national educational systems by exposing its limitations and establish comparisons between countries, as well as expose the asymmetries of the rural and urban worlds. The discussion will then flow to holistic education and everyday learning, with the ultimate goal of reflecting on a consistent but encompassing idea of what education could be.


Which path leads us to being sustainable? Or with which path do we build sustainability? This debate will first encompass a moment of sharing experiences from when the transition to having a lesser impact was taken. It will then evolve into possible solutions in rural and urban environments, both on a technical and social level towards attaining a more sustainable life. In the end we will discuss about the effectiveness of these ‘alternative’ lifestyles on a global scale, and whether the technical solutions can exist without a behavioural change.     

Dream analysis

How much are we connected to the language of our subconscious? The aim of this conversation is to explore different aspects of dream analysis, ranging from the biological codifications of our brains to its cultural, social and psychological interpretations. On the scientific side, if all human brain connections are biologically the same, could there be something we could call a universal language of the brain? On the symbolic side, dreams are perceived differently depending on our cultural roots: what are the different ways of living and looking at dreams?

Workshops, classes and therapies

Permaculture design workshop

Module 1: Design principles in permaculture. In this session we will learn and integrate how permaculture can be a very relevant and useful tool to create resilience and develop sustainability.

Module 2: From the fundaments to the design. By analysing the festival’s areas, its inputs and outputs, needs and wastes, this module will unfold into drawing relationships between these variables, optimising space and energy, closing cycles and expanding the limits to create more sustainable patterns.

Module 3: Building resilience with clay. Putting the theory learned the previous days into practice and building with clay, using the cob technique, a fairly dry mixture of clay with sand and straw.

Low-budget energy systems

A practical class about photovoltaic systems. This workshop presents an introduction to electrical systems as well as the detailed components of electrical circuits for an adventure or lifestyle ‘off the grid’. An approach with the aim of combining the factors of efficiency with low cost and, most importantly, lesser impact on the planet.

(modular) Synthesizer workshop

One might know the purpose of these machines, the tricky thing however is to understand how to use them. Come and discover its dark magic! We’ll contextualise one of the tools that deeply shaped the history of electronic music. This workshop will cover the basics of synthesis (modular and others), and how to apply it in a practical context.

Traditional Chinese medicine

A series of  workshops accessing the deep layers of our body energy. This workshop will introduce you to this field by providing an overall and clear view on how Chinese medicine works, explaining its fundamental principles and ideas as well as its roots. Such history and ideas will be then be put into practice by introducing the techniques of acupuncture, Tui Na massage, moxibustion therapy, among other relevant techniques.

Ayurvedic medicine

An insight into the intricate, holistic Indian life sciences of Ayurvedic medicine. This workshop will offer an overview of Ayurveda’s core concepts and strengths. This will include an understanding of how this system of healing examines one’s physical constitutions, emotional nature and philosophical outlook. Once the session is complete there will be availability to evaluate your individual physical, emotional, and mental characteristics and thereby determine your own unique ‘doshic blend’, with guidance on creating a more balanced existence.

Elbow Collective

Our human form is the only thing we carry with ourselves our entire lives. Elbow Collective will bring a vast array of classes and therapies to shape and reshape both the physical and subtle form. Join them in workshops exploring our minds and bodies with methods of rejuvenation.

Yoga: morning yoga and meditation with an elemental focus. A playful and accessible practice, regardless of your previous experience.

Dragon Dance: an intense and challenging practice that combines aspects of thai qi and yoga, drawing on Chinese mythology and moving rhythmically with synchronised breath.

Yin Yoga: a slow, meditative practice that works on the deep connective tissues of the body to release and restore.

Breathwork: consciously controlling breathing patterns to access the parasympathetic state of the nervous system.

Touch: shared intention, space and touch, working in partners to explore tactile communication.

Dream Flow: with influences from traditional tantric yoga encouraging a release into a deep state of relaxation, an open body, closed eyes, and cultivation of energy from within.

Kung Fu

The ultimate Chinese martial arts training for a thorough analysis of one’s movements. A practice that requires patience, selective energy and absorption on the power of the mind.

Body jam

Through the rhythms of live music, the atmosphere will be set for an uninhibited dialogue of movement, communicating through the body. This session will be based on contact improvisation, an enquiry to experience individually, but also with others. A lavish of emotions, self reflection, exempt of verbal language.

Physical condition

Generating a sense of physical and emotional well-being by providing an energetic session of kinematics. The powerful agitation of the body will enable one to find realms of energy which might not have been previously explored. We recommend a good swim in the lake afterwards!

Massage corner

In the epic poem of Odyssey, the mermaids enchanted the sailors with their music, trying to persuade the seamen in their direction. Our mermaids will be walking around site, beware of their music and delicate hands…

Theatre in the dark

An audio-haptic experience through the senses, explored by a narrative addressing the boundaries of communication and language. This interactive installation will enable one to explore the limits of the mind, questioning what happens in the absence of certain senses while enhancing others.

Interactive painting

An artistic intervention guided by two painters and enhanced by contributions from each of you. The pallet will be created from our surrounding resources such as handmade paints from different soils, spices, vegetable pigments, and plastic and metal waste. This piece will evolve gradually and will be the object of continuous work, until someone says its perfect.