The Space Between

Companheiras e Companheiros,

Since it has probably been a while since you’ve been to a gallery, a club, or a concert,
it won’t come as a surprise that the arts have been hit devastatingly hard by the Covid-19 lockdown.
Bringing Waking Life to life is a year-long love affair,
and most of the costs are backed by friends, family, and ticket sales.
We don’t do corporate sponsorship, so this makes life extra tricky for us.
We have already poured quite a lot of money into this edition as we thought all was well until mid-February,
and we will be able to recuperate very little of this as everyone we collaborate with is in the same boat.

We’ve run three editions of Waking Life so far, meaning that we’re still finding our foothold
and don’t have a buffer reserve fund. We rely exclusively on you, our community.
We realise that right now, you too are probably under financial strain,
but if we don’t somehow share the economic burden, we certainly won’t be able to survive.

While the hard truth of our summer dreams has begun to unfold,
we found a spacetime glitch granting us passage to an alternate 2020
where Waking Life by the lake was still in full swing.
We tried our best to merge this reality to our own, but something went wrong…
everything fragmented and scattered across worlds and we were left stranded in another dimension.
We are now embarking upon a rescue mission and we need your help to collect all the pieces
and put them back together.

We might not be meeting on the lakeside dancefloor, but the whole Waking Life team is transitioning
to a Parallel Edition that will take place beyond merely the virtual realm,
starting as you read and evolving over time…
Spread over a period of several weeks, The Space Between will involve
many of the artists, performers, workshop leaders, activists, collectives, and you,
should you decide to join us on this wild, off-road quest.

We welcome you, and hope that you will join us in co-creating all that Waking Life can be.

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